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Current version: v3.4.7 (2016-08-18)

What is behind?

There are a lot of useful tips and tools ready to use and improve your Projects

Development Environment

A boilerplate environment standardized with all the necessary packages you need to start developing and ready to start a new project.

A set of bundles connected to the most known “Framework” that provides robust administration interfaces and can be integrated to any Symfony project.

Admin Dashboard based on Twitter Bootstrap and Sonata Project

Benefits of Using Symfony Framework

Optimum web broadcasting

Production Environment

Documentation about a set of packages and functionalities that help to improve your own production server based on each one of the linux distribution.


A set of software and game files that will allow you to enjoy much better your os. Enjoy all the beauties that today's information technology offers to you.

Open Source Bundles

Take a look at my Personal and Contribution Symfony Bundles

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