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Current version: v3.7.6 (2017-11-25)

What is behind?

Useful tips and tricks, resources you may use to improve your Projects with Symfony and Node.js.

Development Environment

A boilerplate environment standardized with all the necessary to start developing a new project in Symfony, including a set of bundles that provide robust administration interfaces and can be integrated to any Symfony Project.

Useful open source modules that can be installed via NPM in order to improve your server-side apps in Node.js.

Production Environment

Documentation about all you need to improve your own production server based on the Linux Distribution you most use.

Benefits of Using Symfony

Complete compliance with business rules.
It is structured so development process is easy and same until project ends.
Easily upgradable.
Very maintainable.
Faster development because of reusable components.
Concentrate on actual development.
Quality development.
Most importantly it comes with all the latest technologies.
Expandable ability so it can be used with large scale projects.
Proactive community.
Open source.
Affordable cost.

Open Source

Take a look at my Personal Projects and Contributions to Symfony Bundles and NPM Modules.