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This is a brief description of the FAQ I've been asked

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Some people has asked me several questions about me or what I think about some subjects in particular. I am just going to mention what I consider more relevant.

I like lively colours, if we talk about clothes, I like grey sweaters, or a kind of black and white combined between them. I've being asked about the girls, and their skin color as well.

Since my childhood till my last days in the secondary school I'd always said I liked redhead girls, how wrong I was then! However shortly after I shifted the way of thinking about this viewpoint. The point is this is not relevant at all because how you are inside is more important than your ethnic race, it marks the way how you are, how you want the people knows you and it leaves a mark inside those people that knows you.

Though It has been a long time from the last I read a book completely. I've always liked history books, science and fiction, technology, novels and some poetry books.

Yeah, of course! I've always liked football, basketball, and Swimming. During my secondary school my friends and me used to meet to go out for a play. We enjoyed playing football as well as basketball. Lately I've been just playing football in my spare time, I take an opportunity everytime I can. In summer I rather go to swimming pool because I love swimming.

Honestly I listen to all kind of music, I like hip-hop, electro, pop, 80's rock, etc. No one knew that I've always loved country music till I talked it. I enjoy much listening to texas country music as well as british country music.

This is a very interesting question for it which I've heard many interesting answers from different people. I'm not skeptic at all but I believe that a lot of unexpected things could happen as the different processes or events of our lives pass. Therefore for me destiny is the result from a series of events given by the decisions taken by each one of us. So I think each one makes its own destiny.