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On november 16, 2004, I created the first blog to post some news and comments among my classmates and me. Now, I want to share some small view points with all the people around the world.

Global Installation Guide of Scala IDE for Eclipse

Installation Guide

1.- As first step you should download the latest version of the bundle: Scala IDE for Eclipse

2.- Once the bundle is downloaded you should extract it like you usually extract all the compressed files.

3.- Via terminal prompt go straight where the extracted folder is localized, for example:

cd ~/Downloads/

4.- Ensure your folder is situated in the same route where you are via terminal prompt, you can list all the files as follows:


You will get something like this:

wallpaper.png       eclipse/            scala-SDK-3.0.2-vfinal-2.10-linux.gtk.x86_64.tar.gz

You can watch the extracted file eclipse is localized in the same route, in this case the same is a folder.

5.- Now, you should move the uncompressed file the eclipse folder to an appropriate location.

sudo mv eclipse/ /opt/

6.- Create a symbolic link via terminal prompt.

sudo ln -s /opt/eclipse/eclipse /usr/bin/eclipse

7.- Finally, you should add eclipse to the Unity launcher, for that you should create a new file. You can use your favourite editor, in my case I am going to use vim, you can use nano if you want. Then run:

sudo vim /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop

Then copy and paste the following into it.

[Desktop Entry]

As you can see, I am using the eclipse.png file, that's because the default image icon.xpm is very huge. I am using an image size 48px x 48px.

Click here to download the image eclipse.png.


Just in case! I am going to leave you other cool picture whose size is 256x256. You can resize the same in order to use it for your app. Click here to download the picture.


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